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Mirage Revolution 16

Boasts a sleek long, lean hull that’s low on drag and big on speed, allowing you to glide along at a pace typically reserved for far more fragile kayaks.

Mirage Revolution 16

The Revo 16’s rugged, rotomolded polyethylene hull stands ready to brave any beach. Consider the Revo 16’s range and speed—coupled with details such as ergonomic carrying handles and its comfortable, Vantage CT seat. The advantages of this fishing kayak are obvious. With a 16’ hull design for touring or kayak fishing at speed plus MirageDrive 180 forward and reversing power, covering distance with ease is the Revo 16’s game.Plus with Hobie Kick-Up Fin technology, under water obstacles are no problem.

$2,879 USD MSRP
Color: Slate Blue Color: Papaya Orange Color: Red Hibiscus Color: Seagrass Green

Powered By MirageDrive 180
Mirage Revolution 16 Features Top View Features

What it takes to be #1

Mirage Revolution 16
Asa de transporte integrada
Amplia escotilla de popa
Montaje de vela
MirageDrive 180 with ST Fins
Control arriba/abajo del timón
Bolsillo de almacenamiento de malla
Escotilla Twist and Seal de 8"
Sujeta vasos
Control del timón
Asa de transporte central
Asiento Vantage CT
Paleta en dos piezas
Zona de carga de popa
Soporte para caña de pescar
Escotilla Twist and Seal de 8"
Timón Twist and Stow
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