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Mirage Revolution 16

Sleek. The Hobie Mirage Revolution 16 kayak boasts a long, lean hull that’s low on drag and big on speed, allowing you to glide along at a pace typically reserved for far more fragile kayaks.

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Mirage Revolution 16 Fishing Kayaks
  • Especificações *
  • Tripulação: 1
  • Comprimento: 4.88 m / 16'
  • Largura: .7 m / 27.5"
  • Capacidade: 159 kg / 350 lbs
  • Peso do Casco de Serie: 34 kg / 75.5 lbs *
  • Peso do Casco Completo: 42 kg / 92 lbs *
  • Construção do Casco: Polietileno Rotomoldado
  • Color Options:
    • Slate Blue
    • Papaya Orange
    • Red Hibiscus
    • Ivory Dune
    • Seagrass Green
  • * Todas as cores, gráficos e especificações de todos os modelos estão sujeitos a alterações sem aviso prévio.
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Itens de Serie

Mirage Revolution 16 Fishing Kayaks
Hobie MirageDrive180

Powered by MirageDrive 180

The ungainly paddle is replaced by the sheer efficiency of the MirageDrive 180, the original pedal kayak drive. With the largest human muscle group now in play, kayaking becomes easier and more efficient than ever.

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Vantage CT

A ajustabilidade gera conforto

O sistema de assento Vantage oferece o conforto necessário para longos períodos sobre a água. O encosto do banco, fundo, altura e espaldar são facilmente ajustáveis​​.

Twist and Stow

Leme tipo "Gira e Guarda"

Hobie’s Twist and Stow Rudder is there when you need it, gone when you don’t. A standard accessory on most* Mirage models, the retractable-rudder system is engaged and disengaged with a pull of the T-shaped control handles. ( Shown on the Mirage Outback )

Twist and Stow

Lowrance® Ready System

The Hobie Mirage Revolution 16 comes standard with a built-in transducer mount and pre-installed through-hull cable plugs. ( Lowrance transducer not included. Shown on the Mirage Outback. )