Hobie Surf Shop Laguna Beach earns the first Green Business certification in Laguna Beach

6. July 2015

Press release:

Hobie Surf Shop proudly announces their earning of the first green business certification in Laguna Beach.

To be certified as a Green Business by The California Green Business Program, you must demonstrate that you take action to conserve resources and prevent pollution in both your facility (fixtures, lighting and maintenance) and your operations (purchasing and other practices). With this in mind, we at Hobie Laguna Beach have fully altered our lighting to 100% LED, greened up our cleaning and paper products, planted drought resistant native landscaping, cut water usage with the assistance of The Ecology Center, and banned single use plastic drinking cups. These additions, along with practices we already had in place at all our locations, made the certification process easy.  

This year, in California alone, the program has saved 822,677 metric tons of CO2 with a total savings of $3,083,277. That's the equivalent of planting 43,583 acres of urban trees a year for ten years. We are exceedingly excited to further implement the eco-friendly changes in all of our coastal locations. Hobie Surf Shop owners, Mark Christy & Jake Schwaner, are actively committed to the process and happily leading the charge for shopwide changes. Plans are already in place for our new San Clemente location to come straight out of the gate as Certified Green. Our goal is for our stores to really just do what is right and be places other small local business can come to and see ways to exist and thrive while being conscious of our shared environmental resource uses.  

The California Green Business Program leads the state and nation in working with small to medium sized businesses to grow a vibrant and healthy green economy. Led by a coalition of cities and counties, they contribute to more livable communities with healthier environments, while also conserving resources and saving money. We are honored to be listed among 2,800 other businesses going above for the Earth.

Since 1954, when Hobie Alter opened the very first surf shop in Southern California, ours stores have stood for quality & innovation. Your experience is our priority. To see all the changes first hand, please head in to our Laguna Beach Hobie Surf Shop located at 294 Forrest Avenue Laguna Beach, Ca 92651. We love seeing you! 

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Hobie Surf: Caelan Burford - Recreational Froth

8. June 2015

Channeling the unmistakable style of past east coast Hobie legends,  16 yr old team rider Caelan Burford making it look easy

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2015 Hobie / Hennesseys Waterman's Challenge

3. June 2015

The 10th annual Hobie/Hennessey’s Watermans Challenge took place last weekend at Doheny State Beach.   The super fun day of racing provided options for all levels of paddlers, including a fun 3.5 mile, a  8 mile long distance race, and of course the coveted multi discipline Waterman’s Challenge
The Waterman’s Challenge consisted of a five-mile distance race and a five lap technical surf race, with the crown going to the paddler with the highest combined score. The racing was heated, and ultimately Australian speed demon Toby Cracknel was crowned champion, with Ryan Helm  2nd , Giorgio Gomez (3rd) and Noa Hopper (4th) . The young and talented Shae Foudy took home the women’s crown with impressive finishes that would have placed her seventh among her male counterparts.
Then there were the kids!!!  Competing in their own version of the Waterman’s Challenge, The Watergrom Challenge presented by The Paddle Academy  was exactly the same format as the pro course except for a little less distance and a few less laps in the surf. Young paddlers, from 8 – 17, gave it their all and rose to the occasion demonstrating the bright future ahead for SUP racing as well as the growth of organized youth paddling clubs such The Paddle Academy .


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Building Custom Surfboards fro Surfers Healing

5. May 2015

Izzy Paskowitz, founder of Surfers Healing, talks about how important new custom surfboards will be to his surfing camp for kids with autism.

Mark Johnson, head of design at Hobie, demonstrates how the innovative new surfboards, donated by Ford, will be created. Ford is proud to support Izzy and his mission of providing ocean therapy to kids with autism. To us, Izzy is exemplary of someone who is going further.

By teaching kids with autism to surf, Izzy’s Surfers Healing camp has made a difference in the lives of autistic kids - and their parents. See how Izzy and Surfers Healing go further to bring awareness to autism. To learn more about Surfer’s Healing, go to:

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Hobie SUP: Caroline Angibaud wins Turtle Bay Pro

9. February 2015

Congratulations to French Team Rider Caroline Angibaud for her amazing victory this past weekend at the Turtle Bay Pro on Hawaii’s North Shore.

In an action packed and talent packed final, Caroline went wave for wave with Shakira Westdorp, Candice Appleby, and current Stand Up World Tour Word Champion Izzy Gomez. With less than two minutes left in the final, Caroline put forth an amazing effort on her final wave to secure the win and gain the victory and the current leader position on this year’s World Tour.

Coming off a fairly successful 2014 with her 2nd consecutive European Title and a 2nd place finish at the 2014 ISA Paddle Championship, Caroline is going into 2015 focused and confident  


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Hobie Surf: Big Trees in the Surf

19. January 2015

Courtesy of Josh Martin -Martin Shapes


Wood is orthotropic - the strength is predominantly along one axis. Parallel to the grain, tensile is very high and compression strength is good. Perfect for a core material in surfboard construction. Particularly surfboards designed for big surf. Wood provides for superior control, a smooth ride and durability. The "cadillac" of surfboard materials.

Far West Forest products provided me with some very special surfboard wood... Sequoiadendron giganteum (giant sequoia) greatest of the redwoods, the earth’s largest tree and largest living thing by volume.

Giant Sequoia

This wood came from private property in the Sierra Nevada. Three Sequoia giants had fallen in a windstorm. These trees were estimated to have been between 2,000 and 3,400 years old when they finally succumbed to the forces of nature. Far West secured the rights to harvest the wood from these trees.

California Redwood is rooted in early surfboard construction. Redwood logs washed down rivers out into the Pacific Ocean. Occasionally a log would find its way to the shores of Hawaii. The islanders prized this wood for its relatively light weight, resistance to decay, workability and beauty. Far West Forest Products just so happens to be a dealer for Wood-Mizer sawmills. They made short work of a "log" slicing a portion of it into manageable size pieces for me.


I cut the lengths of wood putting proper rocker (surfboard curve) into them.

The wood is assembled in order and numbered. Index lines are drawn for maintaining proper placement. The priceless nature of this wood calls for the utmost in careful planning. One misplaced piece, and a wrong cut would be costly.

Not all surfboards work well when built from wood in the traditional fashion. "Gun" type surfboards used in large powerful surf, however, are perfect candidates for redwood construction. The weight and lack of flex provide for smooth and desirable control when attempting to successfully ride big waves. Several boards I own inspired the template used in this board I built for Far West. All built by my father Terry Martin.

It was fitting that this particular board be branded as a Hobie. My father shaped Hobie surfboards for 50 years; I shape for Hobie and the boards inspiring this one are of Hobie design. I'd like to add that much of this design was influenced by Gerry Lopez and his Lightning Bolt Model. Many of his boards were shaped by my father and built at Hobie's Capistrano Beach factory during the 70's. I own and have surfed a redwood lighting bolt style single fin my father made. It has incredible wave catching ability and is exceptionally smooth riding.

Each piece of wood is partially hollowed out to reduce excessive weight. These "chambers" are staggered from one piece to the next for structural integrity. Premium wood glue is rolled out onto each side in preparation for clamping.

The board is then assembled, clamped, allowed to cure, and outlined for cutting.

Far West Forest Products specializes in supplying California native woods. They asked if I could incorporate some especially beautiful native White Oak into this board. I milled three pieces to serve as "stringers" and built a fin for this board out of the oak.


Hand shaping a surfboard is where it's at for me. Vintage tools utilized in a craft passed from father to son.


The shaped board was delivered to The Waterman’s Guild for glassing where Greg Martz and his crew did a beautiful job. Many steps go into the process of glassing a wood board. Great care is taken at each step resulting in a durable, mirror-like and waterproof finish. Fine extras like a traditional "glassed on" fin and glass leash loop are a wonderful form and function.

Hobie Alter founded his brand with the wood surfboard.

Story courtesy of Josh Martin - Martin Shapes

The finished product is incredibly satisfying to me. It’s so much more than just a surfing board. It’s about the majestic tree it came from. The family craft I get to live. The extended family of craftsmen I work with. The blessing of talent from the Creator of all things. There’s pure joy in this board. And it’s ready to ride, lasting for generations to come.

So thankful... -Joshua Martin





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MasterCraft Partners with Hobie to Create Custom Line of Wakesurf Boards

22. October 2014

Having perfected the endless wave, MasterCraft is now collaborating with iconic surf brand Hobie to create a line of custom wakesurf boards that bring together the best attributes of coastal and inland surfing. Hawaii-based musician and Hobie ambassador Donavon Frankenreiter served as the inspiration behind the first signature model drawing upon his love for classic, early era short boards and his complete embodiment of the island lifestyle.

The 5-foot, 4-inch “Donny” delivers the feel of a traditional surfboard with specific modifications made to take advantage of the extended surfing zones found only behind MasterCraft boats. Light and responsive with recessed inserts for up to four fins, the custom shaped board is ideal for carving, slashing or spinning on boat-sculpted waves while still holding its own in coastal surf. The graphics evoke the laidback lifestyle of the islands mixed with soulful music, including a prominent silhouette of Donavon’s signature ‘stache.

“Surfing has always been more than a mere pastime for me. It blends together my passion for the islands with my love of family and friends,” noted Frankenreiter. “MasterCraft’s new boats allow me to easily create and share this surf experience, while the masterful craftsmen at Hobie have artfully shaped a high-performance board, perfect for behind the boat or in the ocean.”

Hobie Alter, the man behind the Hobie brand, starting shaping surfboards back in 1950 and ended up shaping an entire culture. Forever tied to the roots of surfing, Hobie has played an instrumental role over the years in progressing watersports. Hobie has embraced the growing sport of inland surfing and teamed up with some of the most progressive wake surf designers to create boards that perform yet embrace Donavon's soulful classic surfing style.

MasterCraft has incorporated the culture surrounding coastal surfing into its new line of surf-centric boats, including the 2015 X20 and X23, which come equipped with the award-winning Gen 2 Surf Systems capable of turning inland bodies of water into premium oceanfront property. MasterCraft, Frankenreiter and their network of family and friends recently chronicled their epic surf trips to Mexico and Hawaii through the “Blurring the Lines” video series that highlight the intricately laced lifestyles associated with coastal and inland surfing.

To purchase a limited edition Donavon Frankenreiter Hobie wakesurf board, please visit where dedicated wake surfers can peruse an entire line of lifestyle products. The Donavon Frankenreiter Hobie wakesurf board is available now for $799.

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Hobie Alter Receives Special Recognition Award at 25th Waterman's Ball

17. August 2014

Hobie Alter received a special recognition award at the 25th Annual SIMA Waterman's Ball for his lifetime contributions to surfing and surf retail.  In 1954 he opened the Hobie Surfboards shop in Dana Point, Calif. It was the first surf shop defined by a retail professionalism. Previous surf shops were guerrilla operations. Jeff Alter received the award for his late father who passed away March of this year. He shared the stage with this years award recipients Rusty Preisendorfer, Ted Danson, and Tom Carroll.

Over the past 24 years, the SIMA Environmental Fund has raised more than $6.5 million for organizations dedicated to protecting and preserving our oceans, beaches and surf breaks. The Waterman’s Ball includes both a silent and live auction, as well as a time of recognition to the 2014 Waterman’s Weekend honorees – individuals who have made a lasting impact on the surf industry and are dedicated to protecting our ocean environment. All funds raised during the Waterman’s Ball are given to the 19 SIMA Environmental Fund beneficiaries – ocean-related environmental organizations dedicated to protecting and preserving our oceans.



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Hobie SUP: Introducing Outdoor Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard Series

17. July 2014

San Juan Capistrano, California, July 15, 2014 – Hobie Stand Paddleboards announces the release of its Outdoor Inflatable Series of stand up paddleboards. The series features two new innovative designs that cater to the stand up paddling needs of the all-around outdoor enthusiast. 

The 10’9” Sportsman and the 8’ Day Trip Air are perfect for fishing, diving, river running, camping, and access into remote locations. They feature Hobie’s new Triple Air Chamber (T.A.C) construction. A multi chambered construction that offers increased stability, versatility and function, while remaining compact enough to carry on planes, cars, boats and RVs. The unique design also provides excellent platforms for exercise-yoga, Pilates and cross training.
The two new boards both feature Hobie’s proven S3 Stand Up Stability System. The S3 system integrates rigid plates strategically placed under the deck pad in standing areas. This maximizes a paddler’s overall footprint there by maximizing stability and rigidity while not interfering with board packing and storage.
“The Sportsman and the Day Trip Air were designed to do everything you can think of doing on the water and to go everywhere” mentioned Mark Johnson, head of Hobie’s stand up paddle development team“We wanted to create a paddling platform that would work in a variety of conditions for a variety of uses. We wanted to explore and gain access to remote water with an emphasis portability and easy storage.”
In addition, each board also comes complete with Hobie’s 3 Piece Adjustable Traveler Paddle, a heavy-duty back pack style carrying bag, high pressure hand pump with gauge and repair kit. The boards can also can be outfitted with multiple sport specific accessories.
Anticipated availability of the Sportsman and Day Trip Air is September 2014.
10-9 Sportsman MSRP: $1399
8-0 Day Trip Air MSRP: $1299


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Hobie SUP: The Derek Jeter Board

8. May 2014

 A few months ago we were approached by the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim to produce a custom stand up paddle board. Not just any board, but a board that was going to be presented to Derek Jeter in recognition of his last regular season game in Anaheim.   Our team went to work, and conceptualized a board that represented Derek Jeter and the Yankees, but also remained 100% fully functional.

The board is a custom 12’4 Venture that was hand crafted in our Capistrano Beach, CA factory by our team of skilled craftsmen. The board features Hobie’s Cross Link Construction combined with custom graphics printed on HG Photocloth. The final result was nothing less than amazing and a testament to Hobie’s rich history of innovation, quality, and craftsmanship.

Happy paddling Mr. Jeter, we hope you Have a Hobie Day
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