New 10'8 Adventure Inflatable SUP makes Antarctic Expedition

29. January 2013

Hobie SUP was recently contacted by Emelia DeForce, a Research Associate at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Emelia was  on her way to Antarctica on research, and as an avid stand up paddler at home, Emelia wanted to try stand up paddling Antarctica. Due to obvious travel contraints and extreme conditions, a conventional sup wouldn't work.  After some careful discussion with the crew a Hobie SUP , she was outfitted with Hobie's new 10'8 Adventure Inflatable SUP. 

Here is a great field report from her first Antarctic SUP adventure

To SUP or not to SUP - Emelia DeForce

  Photo: David Johnston

Emelia DeForce - Photo: David Johnston

I was invited a year and a half ago to join an Antarctic expedition as a scientist. I am a microbial ecologist meaning that I study microscopic organisms in nature. The Long Term Ecological Research study that I joined has a goal to better understand how global climate change is affecting our planet. Our group consists of microbiologists, biological and physical oceanographers and marine biologists specializing in whale, fish, and penguin research. We are spending 28 days off at sea working to understand the Antarctic marine ecosystem and its response to climate perturbations. We are also joined by a film crew from Rutgers University who will be making a documentary on our expedition as a means to improve public awareness of our work, and of Antarctic climate change in general, keep posted on that front!

 Hobie has been an integral part allowing me to continue my avid love for water sports during this expedition through the production of the latest inflatable SUPs. I said to myself “what’s better than trying one of these suckers out to push the extreme limits on myself?” Pushing the extremes became a reality when safety issues crept up due to the top of the food chain in Antarctica posing real threats. The Leopard seal is large and in charge. I am so not interested in making friends with one of these guys! As it turns out, there was a single Leopard seal in the small inlet on Adelaide Island, Antarctica where I SUPed. I geared up and paddled out to have folks on land hollering at me “Emelia, Leopard seal, there’s a Leopard seal!” I made very quick eye contact with the seal and decided that there will be bigger and better opportunities to make this happen, besides, there were other better looking animals to hang out with and photograph. 

Stay tuned for more to come! 

A barrier between Emelia DeForce and her SUP - Photo: David Johnston


Elephant seal on Adelaide Island, Antarctica - Photo: David Johnston


Adelie penguins on Adelaide Island, Antarctica - Photo: David Johnston


The SUP party is over when this Leopard seal makes an appearance - Photo: David Johnston

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Hobie 10'2 River Stand Up Paddleboard on the Aniene River

18. June 2012

Italian team rider Giordano Capparella rides the10'2 River on a recent recent test paddle using stand up paddle boards on the white water kayak course on the River Aniene. 

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2012 Hobie-Hennessey’s WPA US Championships

6. June 2012


Dana Point California, June 2nd 2012 – The Hobie/Hennessey’s  United States Paddleboard Championships, historically hosted in Redondo Beach for the past 17 years, moved its venue south for 2012 to Doheny State Beach. The multi lap race format challenged racer’s physical stamina, mental tenacity, and board riding skills while also giving the beach a chance to cheer on their favorite paddlers.
The seemingly simple multi lap triangle course was competition packed and spectator intense. Mother Nature added a little south wind for extra flavor and bump. In all creating the perfect triad for some action packed paddle racing
 The event format consisted of a 4 mile Fun race, and a 6,8, or 9 mile Pro course that had some of the best paddlers vying for a piece of the  prize purse as well as “A Ticket to Cabo” bonus incentive for the money class elite winners  toward  the Hennessey’s WPA World Championships in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico being held November 3-4 .
 The tale of the tape tells the final story, but many of the classes saw head to head battles between paddlers separated by inches for most of the race, only to be decided in the final moments.
  • Ryan Helm - 1st Place 14’ SUP – 7.5 Miles
  • Brandi Baksic – 1st Place Women’s Stock SUP – 6 Miles
  • Fernando Stalla – 1st Place Stock SUP – 6 Miles
  • Brand Baksic – 1st Place Women’s Stock SUP – 6 Miles
  • Jack Bark – 1st Place Stock Paddleboard – 9 Miles
  • George Plsek– 1st Place Unlimited Paddleboard – 9 Miles
  • Jared Vargas - 1st Place Unlimited SUP - 9 Miles
Keeping true to Hennessey’s race style, the racing quickly shifted up the street to Hennessey's Tavern Dana Point for post-race awards and festivities. Racers were welcomed to a huge outdoor BBQ and a monster raffle with prizes from race sponsors.
Race Information and Results:


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Team Hobie Takes on The Ocean Ohana Catalina Challenge Relay

30. March 2012

This isn’t going to be a fun little sightseeing paddle across the channel looking at sea life… this is going to be a hurl-fest grind. -Sean Douglas

On Sunday April 1, 2012 The Ocean Ohana Catalina Challenge Relay will take place. A 39.8 mile race on OC1, OC2, Surfski, SUP or Paddleboard from Avalon to Dana Point. In year’s past, paddlers have been met with generally calm conditions; this year, not so much.

Not for the faint of heart

To me, weather like this calls for warm blankets, sleeping in and a lazy day inside. For Catalina competitors, these conditions are a dream come true. I talked with Challenge racer Byron Kurt, who will compete with his partner Colin McPhillips in SUP as a two man team representing Hobie, to get his thoughts on all things Catalina.


Byron Kurt Wants to Beat You. Every. Time.

What are your thoughts on the wind and swell advisory?

Byron: “I pray for conditions like this. I hope for Conditions like this. 45 knot downwinder, that is what you want out of the Catalina Challenge. Who wants to paddle 39 miles in flat water…? If you want to do that, you can do it by doing laps in the Harbor.”

What do you think your main challenge will be out there?

Byron: “The biggest challenge will be for the boat Captain’s, in these kind of conditions you are only going to be as good as your Captain. The course they lay out decides if you win or not. The second biggest will be figuring out what you are going to need to keep you hydrated, safe, and comfortable out there. It is a long day, with complicated transfers. Be prepared, it is going to come down to a tough mental game.”

Any goals for the day?

Byron: “I’ll be disappointed if they cancel the event. I feel like it could be a day for Colin and I to break the record set by Chuck Patterson and I, for two man SUP, at 6hr 32mins and 13 sec. There is the potential for this to be a very fast race with new bars set across all craft.”

No rights, Colin.. Only left's the whole way.

Byron is legit, no doubt. He has been with Hobie for 34 years as a surfer, sailor, windsurfer, and SUPer. He is also an Iron Man Triathlete and a 6 handicap golfer. Notorious for speaking his mind, he will be a force in this race. He has also test piloted every one of the designs in the Hobie SUP arsenal. I talked with head shaper, Mark Johnson, to hear his thoughts on Byron and Colin as a team.

How do you think Byron and Colin will do as a team?

MJ: “They’ll be great. Colin goes about racing in an all business like manner; head down, no complaints, incredibly focused. He is the most gracious champion (**Ed note: Colin McPhillips is a three time World Longboard Champion) in the water… he brings a lot of credibility to SUP. They both share the same drive to win. Byron wants to be the first one across the line every time. He is probably the most mentally tough racer out there.”

Can you tell me anything about the board they will be on?

MJ: “No. Not a chance. The only thing I’ll tell you is this race will put the equipment to the test, and I like that. If they keep the nose out of the water, and stay in the trough.. it will be an exciting day.”

The Board.

Final thoughts on the race go to the boss, Jeff Alter who will be Captaining the Team Hobie escort boat along with Chuck Benson.

How do you think it’s going to go?

Jeff: “I’m excited, strategy and knowledge are going to play a big roll. If it were me, I’d take a leisurely 6-7 mile paddle to the north of the island, then kick straight in through the surf, take lefts the whole way. With this wind, records could be set.”

Are you worried about the weather?

Jeff: “No. I have sturdy cup holders, so I’m not worried at all.”

-Tracey Engelking

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The Peruvian Froth Chronicles by Justin Holland

29. February 2012

Australian Team Rider Justin "The Frotha" Holland gives his recap of the ISA World Stand Up Paddle Paddle and Paddleboard Championship in Peru

As Justin would say ... GET OUT THERE!!!

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The Hobie Team Lima Chronicles according to Brandi Baksic - Part 1

22. February 2012

Hola from Peru.
Well, I have been nominated by the other three to give those at home a little Peru ISA world championships update, so here goes.
So we got onto town after a very long day of travel about 2 a.m. Sunday morning. We woke up to bright sunshine in our eyes at about 6 a.m., and headed to the event registration downtown Miraflores.


After registration the event officially opened with the parade of nations, 17 different countries walking around the town with their country's flag. The opening ceremonies ended with the “Sands of the World”, where each representing country pours into a large bowl a cup of sand that was brought from their home country. Colin and I were introduced on stage, and we poured San Clemente beach sand and combined it with the other countries, kinda cool.   


After the opening ceremonies, we all headed to Pampilla Beach for an afternoon of some fun day SUP surfing and sizing up the competition. Day 2, Monday, was basically a free day of surfing, except I had to go to a press conference with a bunch of Peruvian leaders, politicians and Jamie Mitchell. I was a bit awkward, but cool.  I think I impressed them with all my answers in Spanish, or they think I am a complete dufus.
Today, the good stuff began. Colin was the first to surf, in a heat that could have been a final with Jackson Close from Australia, and Fernando Stella from Mexico.  Colin was the first to catch a wave, and fell early, but from then on out he had awesome wave selection and long rights, with lots and lots of maneuvers and eventually we on to win! This would be the theme for the day, as Sean Pointer would also fall on his first wave but finish first in his heat, defeating Australian Hobie team member Justin Holland on his last wave and coming out first. Emmy Merrill would continue team USA 's winning streak with a first place finish over Australian Hobie team rider Shakira Westdorp. Emmy surfed Awesome!!! She scored an 8.5 on her second to last wave, leaving the competition in the dust! Tomorrow, more surfing and Gillian competes in the short course prone race.
Go USA! Oh, ya, and we finally got our race boards out of customs today, Yay!


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Hobie Team set to hit ISA World Stand Up Paddle and Paddleboard Championships

17. February 2012

Hobie Stand up Paddleboards is getting ready to make its presence felt at the inaugural ISA World Stand Up Paddle and Paddleboard Championships taking place February 19 to 25 in Miraflores, Peru. Over 140 athletes from 17 countries will make the trip to Peru to compete on SUPs and paddleboards. The event will stretch six days and include SUP surfing and racing, and paddleboard races, which will include sprint courses and marathon distances. Each country’s team is made up of 9 paddlers covering both racing and surfing disciplines
Hobie paddlers joining Team USA, Jay Wild (Men’s Elite and Distance races), Colin McPhillips (SUP Surf), Brandi Baksic (Women’s Elite and Distance races), and Emmy Merrill (SUP Surf)
Hobie paddlers joining Team Australia, Justin Holland (SUP Surf), Shakira Westdorp (SUP Surf)
“I am excited and honored to have been selected to represent Team USA, I have participated in the ISA Surfing Games in the past,  and I am excited to once again be a part of the team, especially with the addition of SUP to the mix ” said 3x Longboard World Champion Colin McPhillips. “I am honored for being selected to Team USA and I look forward to competing in an international arena. I think coming from Lake Tahoe really shows the diversity and what is possible within the stand up paddle community” added Jay Wild
Divisions include SUP Surfing, a 4.5 kilometers SUP technical race, 18 kilometers SUP marathon, and a 5.75 kilometers Prone Paddleboard race. The SUP technical race will follow the popular Battle of the Paddle format, which involves several laps of a course paddling in and back out through the surf.
The event begins on Sunday, February 19 with the traditional ISA Opening Ceremony, the Parade of Nations and the Sands of the World Ceremony.   The ISA World Stand Up Paddle Championships
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Justin Holland has some Australian Stand Up Downwind Fun

2. December 2011

Downwind of the Froth........

Australian Team Rider Justin "The Frotha" Holland doesn't skip a beat even if the weather gets crazy. 50K winds and a downwind run from Merimbula Point to Pambula River Mouth on the South Coast of Australia. 

As Justin would say ... GET OUT THERE!!!

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Justin Holland - SUP Surfing Australia Heats Up

9. November 2011

Australian Team Rider Justin Holland takes his CM Torque through its paces on the latest summer swell to hit New South Wales.

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2011 Battle of the Paddle

30. September 2011

The 2011 Battle of the Paddle has come and gone with all of the hype and excitement of a major holiday.  The evolution of the event has become a true litmus test demonstrating the growth of Stand Up Paddling as a sport and an industry.   Team Hobie was its biggest ever with team paddlers from France, Italy, and Australia joining their US counter parts.

This year’s Battle once again pushed the evolutionary boundaries with the introduction of qualifying heats for the Elite race. Each qualifying race contributed 50% to the main event, and it meant racers had to work a strategy that would advance them into the main event but still leave enough gas in the tank for the final .  The Hobie team moved all but one of its Elite racers into the main event.

The main event held up to everything that it had in the past with blow ups, bust ups, and surprises. Team Hobie’s Brand Baksic finished 2nd in a heavily contested women’s race. Hobie’s Jay Wild and Colin McPhillips finished in the top 20 on the men’s side.

Day two started off a bit more reserved than the first day as paddlers carefully worked out the aches, pains and kinks from the day before. The distance race saw a huge field of 224 paddlers making the 10 mile grind, many of the same SUP Elite work horses returned, this time some had opted for longer unlimited or 14' boards and others kept the 12'6 grind alive.  Brandi Baksic kept her podium run going placing 3rd with   Mitch Kahn (14’) and Byron Kurt (12’6) both finishing in the top 10 of their board classes.

The biggest surprise of day two by far was the kid’s race. If there was ever a question as to the future of the sport of stand up paddling the kid’s race made it known. With over 50 kids participating in either the short or long course events, it was amazing to note that this year saw many kids racing scaled down race boards, and the competition was fast and furious.

As with Battle’s past,  the Grand Finale was the Team Relay with 43 teams racing for the team title.  Hobie was represented by 4 teams (3 men and 1 female). Hobie Team 1 (Jay Wild, Byron Kurt, Colin McPhillips, and Brandi Baksic) took 3rd with a super tight finish between Team Hobie and Team Naish. Hobie Team 2 (Mitch Kahn, Rob Pelkey, Justin Holland and Alison Riddle) finished 8th proving once again Hobie’s depth putting 2 teams in the top 10.

With participation pushing into the thousands one has to wonder what will happen in 2012? Is two days enough?

The Hobie camp was jumping all weekend


Colin McPhillips and Greg Closier coming into the danger zone


Australian team rider Justin Holland


Open race start


Brandi Baksic - 2nd place Elite Female


The Battle Team!!!


New Delivery Truck

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