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Designed for the Resort Lifestyle
A perfectly suited board for commercial use in rental fleets, resorts, guided tours and fitness programs. The DuraCruz has all the benefits of a SUP, performance, stability, and durability, but also comes equipped with a built-in windsurfer mast base, making it a perfect learning platform for the novice windsurfer.

  • Especificaciones *
  • Longitud: 10' 6" / 320.04 cm
  • Ancho: 33.5" / 85.09 cm
  • Grosor: 5" / 12.7 cm
  • Volumen: 209 L /
  • Peso: 25 lbs / 11.34 kg
  • Color Options:
    • Twilight Blue
  • *Todos los colores, imágenes y características de todos los modelos están sujetos a posibles cambios sin previo aviso.
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Durable Compression-Molded Epoxy

Hobie DMX SUP Construction Technology
Hobie Integrated SUP Handle

Hobie Handle

Contour molded, hand hold designed for easy access and a secure and comfortable grip. A high strength, stainless steel bar has been built in to the Hobie handle. This allows the board to be secured using a simple cable lock.

Hobie SUP 2-Way V-Venting System

2-way Venting System

Un sistema de ventilación bidireccional, único y sin problemas, que iguala la presión debida a la temperatura o a la variación de altitud.

3-Quarter Length EVA Traction Pad

Full-Length EVA Traction Pad

The High-quality integrated traction pad provides the perfect, tacky surface to keep your feet from slipping.

Integrated Tie-down Points

Integrated Tie Down Points

The helpful tie-down points are great for securing gear & accessories the deck