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Mirage Eclipse Dura Series

Hobie’s revolutionary Mirage Eclipse standup pedalboard is now available to retailers and outfitters. Designed for the rigors of commercial use, it is ideal for resort and rental fleets. Incredibly stable, your customers can fly on the water using MirageDrive® leg power to pedal and steering controls at their fingertips. A natural stepping motion cycles the large topside pedals. The powerful underwater fins efficiently propel the Eclipse forward. Step out at an easy glide, effortlessly power into a headwind or pick it up for an all-out sprint.

There’s minimal setup. Go from the dock or a boat to the water in minutes. Ideal for cruising solo, with a partner or group excursions. The large EVA deckpad provides carefree, high-traction footing and comfortable cushioning for all-day endurance and increased durability. The fixed aluminum alloy handlebar enhances balance and stability. The ride is reassuringly solid. The board is lightweight and durable with features such as gear tie-downs, a carefree kick-up rudder, bow handles and option for side carry handles. The Eclipse takes standup to a whole new level.

Mirage Eclipse Dura Series
  • Especificações *
  • Tripulação: 1
  • Comprimento: 3.23 m / 10' 7"
  • Comprimento: 3.66 m / 12'
  • Largura: 0.92 m / 36"
  • Largura: 0.89 m / 35"
  • Fitted Board Weight: 20.87 kg / 46 lbs *
  • Fitted Board Weight: 19.05 kg / 42 lbs *
  • Peso do Casco Completo: 24.04 kg / 53 lbs *
  • Peso do Casco Completo: 25.85 kg / 57 lbs *
  • Color Options

    • Sunset Red
    • Twilight Blue
    • Sunset Red 12
    • Twilight Blue 12

* Todas as cores, gráficos e especificações de todos os modelos estão sujeitos a alterações sem aviso prévio.

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Introducing The Mirage Eclipse Dura Series

A série Dura foi desenvolvida para um estilo de vida resort. O renomado sistema de propulsão MirageDrive da Hobie proporciona potência total.