In the pursuit for an alternative way of living after graduating college my boyfriend Clark and I built out a camper van and hit the road in search of endless summer and adventure around every corner. Notorious for getting lost we have traveled the American West leaving a trail of misadventure in our wake. Once the temperatures started to drop in the States we decided to chase the the sun all the way South of the Border to Baja, Mexico. There’s really nothing like a shot of tequila to thaw you out from head to toe.

When it came time to move the adventure south, not much planning went into it. To be honest, not a lot of planning goes into anything we do. Luckily this sort of attitude fits in with Baja’s wild and untamed nature. It’s really a breeding ground for misadventure. The one thing we do take seriously is always having the right type of gear. Because if you’ve got all the toys packed up, the opportunities to play are endless. So yes, we live in a mobile fort and take our playtime very seriously. Like any well constructed fort we’ve got a sizable toy box. We tow an 8’x4’ trailer full of gear to make sure we are always ready to get out there.

Sure we opted to live simply in 100 square feet and open ourselves up to endless opportunity, but we were not about to sacrifice the toys that our lifestyle requires. Instead we made ourselves into the ultimate adventure hub complete with mobile garage.

We are all about sharing tips and tricks that we pick up along the way so we complied a list of all our must have gear for the ultimate Baja adventure. Keeping in mind that not everyone travels in a tiny house and mobile garage we made our guide suitable for all types of travel. We’ve really left you no excuse, so you’d better hurry up, grab these items and your passport before we devour all the fish tacos!

First up is our ride or die here in the Baja… as in absolutely necessary.

Kayak and SUP
One of the best things about the Baja Peninsula is that you get a wide variety of ways to play on the water. You’ve got access to beautiful calm water on the Sea of Cortez and great swell all down the Pacific Coast. So whatever your water sport of choice, Baja’s got it all. Surfing, paddling, kayaking, windsurfing, kiting, snorkeling, fishing. The best part is you can usually pack in a few each day!

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Obviously growing up as landlocked Colorado kids we didn’t get much access to a great surf but we did have endless rivers and lakes nearby. It makes sense that our activity of choice is paddle, paddle, paddle. Two of our favorite toys in our tiny garage are our inflatable Hobie Mirage i11S kayak and Coaster stand up paddleboard. These get used on the daily whether we are fishing, exploring, working out, or getting our tan on. Ideal for traveling but these are a no-brainer for any garage, mobile or not. Trust us when we say you’ll be out on the water all day long. Or until its time to paddle in for happy hour!

Ticla Tarp
A lightweight tarp that folds up super small and fits into our backpack. Seriously, this thing comes everywhere with us, perfect for days on the beach. It also scores bonus points because it works as a rain and sun shelter when the elements turn on you quickly.

Dakine No Zone Sun Hat
Everyone knows how important it is to keep the sun off your face when you’re out there playing hard. When sunscreen isn’t enough for that gringo skin let this be the go-to hat for all your activities. Waterproof, breathable, drawstring, and it floats!

Ice Chest
Never underestimate the power of a good cooler anywhere you’re traveling. For our next trip we will definitely be adding a Hobie Soft Cooler/Fish Bag to our collection so we can store it right on the kayak for longer trips. Don’t forget to throw a couple of coozies in the side pockets. We recommend the ones with the suction cup on the bottom to avoid spillage.

Hydro Flask
H2O is a must if you are adventuring hard under the Mexican sun, and no, the water in the beer doesn’t count. What’s less refreshing than hot water that’s been in the sun all day? Nothing. Pack up a Hydro Flask and keep your water cool all day long even in the hot sun. And yes it does keep a margarita cold as well… we know you were wondering. All about that dual purpose!

Nite Ize LED Light-Up Flying Disc
I’m the kind of person that always has a flying disc on hand, especially on the beach. We love having a light up one so we can play at night or day. If we ever cross paths on the road come join in, just know that we play beer-in-hand rules.

Sense of Adventure
Rule number one when it comes to traveling is to open yourself up to new experiences and adventures. You’ll have plenty of mishaps and ordeals along the way and that’s the best part. Just keep in mind…

“The difference between an adventure and an ordeal is attitude,”
a favorite quote from sailor and fellow misadventurer, Bob Bitchin.

Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or just looking for a different kind of vacation this year, consider a road trip through the Baja. We already started the gear check list for you. You’ll be packing light and still be ready for anything!

For more of our misadventures and questionable advice be sure to check out and the Misadventure Theory YouTube page. Because everyone needs a little help getting lost at first, and we’re more than qualified in that area.