After a short night, the anglers were enjoying a delicious breakfast at VVP verhuur followed by the morning briefing. The latest weather update for the anglers was way better than pre fish day. Winds from 2-3 Bft and a little bit of drizzle during the day. When the briefing finished, all anglers went out to prepare the kayaks for the first competition day of the 4th Hobie Fishing European Championships powered by Lowrance & C-MAP.

Everybody got on the water quickly and ready to go. After the Dutch national anthem played, the oh so familiar horn blew and all competitors rushed through the starting line onto the Vinkeveense Plassen. They have to be checked in again by 3:00PM and can bring 3 Pikes and 3 Perch to the scoring table.

The first reports that are coming in are positive, quite a some anglers are already scoring fish. Axel Heinlein (Germany) hooks into a new PB (97 centimeters) Pike early in the morning. “It was the right time to catch this fish. With all the rain, I needed a boost.”

Around noon, the rain moved on and made space for some sunlight. Dennis “BomBom” Skou was working hard for a full bag. “I got two pikes and two perch now. I hope to those last two fish to get me in the top of the standing.” He said hopefully.
Most anglers stayed around the check in area for the last hour just trying to upgrade their scorecard. Just before the check in rain and some thunder made all anglers come back to the check in straight away. After everybody got back safely, it was time to do the scoring.

“I struggled getting legal size perch.” Hervé Martin said while returning his keytag. “I caught a lot of them, but most of them were too small.”

This is the top 10 after day 1 of the 4th Hobie Fishing European Championships.

Check out the top 10 after day 1:

1. Felix Frey 300cm
2. Albin Falk 243cm
3. Tomasz Kurnik 218cm
4. Dennis Skou 217cm
5. Mike Hendriks 199cm
6. Ronald Traas 189cm
7. Jesper Aksvig 187cm
8. Edi Brader 168cm
9. Helmut Schoddel 153cm
10. Hervé Martin 151cm