Youth sailors will be part of the excitement of the 35th America’s Cup this June, when they will compete aboard Hobie Waves in Bermuda. Mirroring the main event, teams have gathered from around the globe for this sailing extravaganza. Racing for the America’s Cup Endeavour Junior Hobie Wave Regatta will take place from Wednesday June 21 through Friday June 23, with a special AC35 halftime show exhibition Saturday June 24.

Let’s meet the youth sailors who hail from Australia and New Zealand.

Brothers Billy and Oliver Horden

Australian sailors Billy and Oliver. Courtesy photo.

Billy (9) and Oliver (12) come from a sailing family – Hobie sailors to be specific. Racing cats comes naturally to kids whose parents compete at the Hobie Worlds (mom) and zip about on a Tiger (dad).

“I first sailed a Hobie Wave on my own when I was nine,” says Oliver. “The America’s Cup is awesome. It would be great to be a part of it,” adds the young man who loves watching the AC boats foil. He also avidly watches the sailing tactics play out. “Jimmy Spithill sailed a Hobie 14 when he was my age.”

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His younger brother Billy says sailing is fun. He enjoys Hobie Waves racing with his brother and the Hobie 16 with his father. “I love Hobies because they are fast and good for all conditions and have a trap wire,” Billy adds.
“You never really know where sailing can take,” says Oliver. All the way to Bermuda.

New Zealand
Best Friends, Mattias Coutts (11) and Matthew Rist (12)

Race to Bermuda – Team New Zealand

Race to Bermuda!

Meet Matt and and Mattias, aka Team New Zealand as they journey to Bermuda for the 35th America's Cup and the Hobie Wave Regatta.

Over the past year, Hobie has been proud to partner with America's Cup Endeavour to bring youth sailing to Bermuda and Cup events around the world.

Posted by Hobie on Tuesday, May 23, 2017

These Kiwis hail from Auckland, a great sailing city.

“The thing that I love about sailing is the exhilarating feeling I get when I’m reaching in really strong winds, Mattias says. He also loves being able to travel to different places with my friends. “It’s such a cool atmosphere at regattas,” he adds.

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As for Matthew, he pretty much lets his sailing do the talking. Click play on the video to watch him tear it up with Mattias.

Speaking of Mattias, he thinks Hobie cats are awesome because he gets to sail with friends, which is always fun. “I also love team racing which I do at school. I like how I have to think a lot more about the plays that our team needs to make. I just love being out there on the water with the friends I sail with,” he adds.