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2017 Hobie® MultiWorlds and Europeans.

Noordwijk, Netherlands
July 20 - 29

20th- 23rd July
Thursday July 20 with the Hobie 14 Worlds & Hobie Dragoon Europeans* for four consecutive days. Both classes will sail on the same courses in different starting groups.*Dragoon Europeans may upgrade to a Dragoon Worlds pending World Sailing approval

22nd -23rd July
Saturday July 22 the Hobie 16 youth, Hobie 16 women, Hobie 16 spi cup, Hobie 16 masters/grandmasters/great grandmasters Europeans will start on the second race course for two days

24th-25th July
On Monday July 24 the Hobie 16 qualifiers will start. This is a “bring your own boat” format and qualifications will take two consecutive days. Races will be held on one course.

26th July-29th July
Hobie Wild Cat world championships will start. Hobie 16 finals will start with a Gold fleet and Silver fleet on one course fighting their European Championships. Hobie Tiger and/or Hobie FX One will sail their Europeans on the same course as Hobie Wild Cat in a separate starting group.