THE FARSIDE is the brain child of Hobie, master shaper, Gary Larson. Always looking for new and different ways to have fun while riding waves, Gary has created The Farside, with travel and down the line surfing in mind. He explains: This is a great mid-length travel board, or a board for those head-high, winter time, point surf days -- a quiver expander. The Farside explores the territory of the pulled-in outline, at 7’10” it looks like a Ferrari – speed personified. It carries a fairly neutral rocker from tip to tail, and can utilize either a single fin, or a 2+1 configuration. Personally, I’m looking forward to winter, as this bad boy is going to go great at those northern points. Thanks Gary.

  • Caractéristiques (Gamme)
  • Longueur: 7'0" to 8'0"
  • Largeur: 21" to 22"
  • Épaisseur:
  • Nez: 15"
  • Tail:
  • Options
  • Stringer(s): 3/16" Redwood or Darkwood
  • Verre: Top: 6+4oz / Bottom: 6 oz
  • Fin: 2+1 or Thruster
  • Coloris: Clear, Airbrush, or Resin Tint
  • Performance
  • Type de surf: 0
  • Hauteur de vague:
  • Type de vague: Beach, Reef, or Point Breaks

Disponible Farside Planches

  N° de série# Description  
Farside 318793 318793 Tint: D&R True Blue tint / Shaper: Gary Larson Voir la planche  
Farside 318799 318799 Tint: T&B clear w/ deck + tail patches / Shaper: Gary Larson Voir la planche  
Farside 318848 318848 Tint: T&B Dark Magenta Tint / Shaper: Gary Larson Voir la planche