Uncle Buck

Just for a moment, remember why you started surfing: the water, the energy, the fun, the freedom of flying, unencumbered by…, whatever was left on the beach. That’s the Uncle Buck, fun, freedom, and passion; and you, drunk with joy and lusting for the next wave. When ridden, the Uncle Buck exhibits a commanding presence. Its flat entry rocker makes it a wave catcher. So much so, your wave count becomes an orgy with gluttony, like going on a three day bender. The front third of the hull is a spectacle of delight with its deep linear, blended concave, offering up the thrills of flight, while the pinched 50/50 rails provide unparalleled fusion with the wave face. Built with classic weight foam, a distinctive T-Band stringer, and volan fiberglass, the Uncle Buck promises lasting devotion.

Uncle Buck
  • Caractéristiques (Gamme)
  • Longueur: 9'6"
  • Largeur: 23 1/4"
  • Épaisseur: 2 7/8"
  • Nez: 19 1/4"
  • Tail: 16"
  • Options
  • Stringer(s): T - Band
  • Verre: 6oz. regular
  • Fin: Hobie removable fin or glass on (wood or fiberglass)
  • Coloris: Clear or resin tint
  • Performance
  • Type de surf: 0
  • Hauteur de vague:
  • Type de vague: Point Break & Mellow Reef

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