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The pleasure of gliding together with all your friends

The Ludic is a collective dinghy with an asymmetrical spinnaker adapted to group or family sailing of up to 9 persons! Its open roomy cockpit makes the boarding by the crew very easy, even for youngsters. The double seat and the large space allow everybody to sit in comfort. With its furling jib, double trapeze, Harken blocks, and the pivoting stainless steel centreboard for more stability, The Ludic has a very responsive and tolerant behaviour and meets an increasing success with the sailing schools and families. With more than 10 year expe¬rience, the Ludic has become a reference in institutional sailing. Modern and spacious, designed to be easily sailed by two, three or more people. This boat is just perfect for the pleasure of gliding on the water.

  • Specifications *
  • Crew – E.C. Category: 9-C
  • Length: 5.60 m / 18.4 ft
  • Width: 1.90 m / 9.2 ft
  • Capacity: 725 kg / 1598 lbs
  • Weight: 282 kg / 622 lbs
  • Mainsail Area: 11 m² / 118 ft²
  • Total Sail Area: 15 m² / 161 ft²
  • Jib Sail Area: 4 m² / 43 ft²
  • Spinnaker Sail Area: 17 m² / 183 ft²
  • Hull Construction: Fiberglass
  • Color Options

    • White

*All colors, graphics and specifications of all models are subject to change without notice.

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