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The Circa 71 is an anchor in our classic lineup. Its roots are founded in San Diego and the precision-like craftsmanship of shaping legend, Terry Martin. Our shortboard collaboration, with Ian Gottron, advances the Circa 71 a step further. Ian’s apparatus, the Piscator, features a rocker that salutes the contemporary. Our aim is to push the vertical limits of the Fish design in dynamic wave conditions. Furthermore, the Piscator’s fin base is tighter with a large channel directing water flow through the fins. The objective is to infuse air under your feet and legitimately GO vertical. Hobie Surfboards reveres its 70 years of craftsmanship. Our Ian Gottron collaboration compliments our rich heritage with modern innovation!

  • Specifications (Range)
  • Length: 5'2" - 6'0"
  • Width: 20" - 21"
  • Thickness: 2 1/2" - 2 7/8"
  • Nose:
  • Tail:
  • Options
  • Stringer(s): 3/16" Darkwood
  • Glass: Deck 4+4 oz / Bottom: 4 oz
  • Fins: Glass-on Keels
  • Color: Clear, Tint, or Candy Coat Panels
  • Performance
  • Surfing Type: 0
  • Wave Height: Overhead - Chest High
  • Wave Type: Beach, Reef, and Point Break

Available Psicator Boards

There are currently no Psicator boards available. Return to the surf homepage or click here to to view all available surfboards.

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