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The Hobie Experience

Unified by a shared connection with and love for water, The Hobie Experience is a collection of experiences spanning the globe to discover and enjoy the 71% of earth's surface that isn't land.

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Rick visits Eastern Europe, taking in awe-inspiring views of the Austrian Alps and Slovenian wilderness. Join Rick in Costa Rica for an exotic fishing excursion, and dive along with hundreds of bottle-nosed dolphins.

Episode 4


Episode 3

Fishing Costa Rica

Episode 2

Diving Costa Rica

Episode 1


Award winning videographer and Marine Biologist, Rick Rosenthal shares his adventures around the globe in a Hobie.

Episode 4

Kona, Hawaii

Award winning videographer and Marine Biologist, Rick Rosenthal, shares his Hawaiian adventure in a Hobie Mirage i9S, i14T and Tandem Island.

Episode 3

British Columbia

The Hobie Experience visits the north end of Vancouver Island with Rick Rosenthal in British Columbia.

Episode 2


The Hobie Experience visits Prince William Sound with Rick Rosenthal in the Gulf of Alaska.

Episode 1


The Hobie Experience with Rick Rosenthal travels to the Amazon River to witness some of the extraordinary animals that reside there.

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