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PA17 Motorguide Glamour Shot

Fishing Kayaks & Kayaks

Hobie’s fishing kayaks offer the ultimate in stealth. With our MirageDrive kayak models, you’ll never have to put down the fishing pole.

Mirage Pro Anglers

Hobie Mirage Pro Anglers are the ultimate in pedal-powered fishing kayaks. Stuffed full of catchy features, every inch of the Pro Angler family is geared to put you on the fish.

Mirage Pedal Kayaks

Since its introduction, Hobie's Mirage line-up of pedal-powered fishing kayaks has revolutionized kayak fishing. The choice of tournament champions, they can access more water more efficiently and quietly than any competing design.

Mirage Inflatable Pedal Kayaks

If you're short on storage or transport options yet want the MirageDrive fishing experience, look to Hobie's inflatable series. The drop-stitch construction rivals the performance and durability of rigid hulls. Fully customizable for fishing.

Mirage Islands

Mirage Island trimarans are Hobie's most capable big water hunters, capable of marlin teasing speeds when under sail. Yet approachable thanks to the hands-free power of the MirageDrive.

Paddle Kayaks

Thoughtful, industry-leading features are standard on Hobie's traditional paddle kayaks. They are finely tuned for comfort, efficiency and durability. Fish-savvy too.

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