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Hobie Warranty

Our Commitment

Here at Hobie we’re enthusiasts like you. We know all about early morning fishing trips, family time at the beach, or summer time on the lake. We love being out there, and we’re sure you do too. Our goal is to keep you out on the water having fun for many years to come.


Rest assured that we stand behind your new Hobie watercraft with the following warranties.

For 2019 and newer model years:

  • Hobie Kayak, Eclipse, SUP – 3 years
  • Inflatable Kayaks & SUPS – 2 years
  • Sailboats – 3 years, Europe 2 years

For model years prior to 2019, your Hobie comes with a 2-Year Warranty (1-Year Warranty on all SUPs).

The Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, improper storage, or running into stuff. The Warranty covers defects in the materials, manufacturing, and design.

Hobie, at its option, will repair or replace a product found to be defective under the terms and within the period of this Warranty.

To Obtain Warranty Service

Within 30 days of discovering a defect, take your Hobie product, along with proof of purchase (sales receipt or registration card) to the authorized Hobie dealer from whom you purchased your boat, unless you have moved or are traveling. In that case, take it to the nearest authorized Hobie dealer.

Disclaimer – Product Life Cycle

Every Hobie has a useful product life cycle. The length of that life cycle will vary depending on multiple factors including; the construction and materials, storage and transport, maintenance and care, and the amount and type of use your Hobie is subjected to over its life. We have been engineering fun on the water since 1950. However, we can’t engineer our products to survive improper usage, such as incorrect storage or transport, exposure to excessive heat or sunlight, or collisions with your garage. Whatever the case may be, we'll always point you in the right direction.

Product Registration

Registering your Hobie will enable us to contact you with Hobie product updates which may contain very important and relevant information relating to the Hobie product you purchased, as well as make other valuable content available to you should you choose to opt-in.

Pro Tip

Read your entire owner’s manual and warranty card, there’s some great information in there! To find your owner’s manual click here.

Certified Warranty Service Centers

Please click here to view our list of Hobie Certified Warranty Service Centers.

Implied Warranty Information

Please click here for information on implied warranties.

Warranty Exemptions
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