This web usage policy of Hobie Brands International, L.C., Hobie Cat Company, and/or its affiliates (“Hobie”) sets forth guidelines particular to conduct on the Internet to help you avoid infringement of Hobie's copyrights and trademarks rights. This policy, in addition to all other Hobie trademark and copyright policies, is subject to change at any time and without notice. General policies regarding Hobie trademarks and copyrights are available at

1. Linking

One of the most powerful features of the Internet is the ability to use hyperlinks or deeplinks to connect webpages. A hyperlink allows an end user to locate relevant information quickly by being connected to a different webpage or website simply by clicking on the hyperlink. A deeplink is a special form of hyperlink that bypasses the homepage of another website and brings an end user directly to an interior page. The following rules apply when you create and use a hyperlink or deeplink to a Hobie webpage:

  • All links to the Hobie homepage or interior pages must appear as hypertext, without the use of any Hobie logos.
  • When creating a hyperlink to the Hobie homepage, you must clearly indicate that the end user will be exiting your website and entering the Hobie homepage.
  • Deeplinking to an interior page on the Hobie website is only permitted when required to provide information about products, programs, or technologies of Hobie. You must also clearly indicate that the end user will exit your website and enter a Hobie website.
  • Do not use a hyperlink or deeplink to present work created by Hobie as your own.
  • Do not use a hyperlink or deeplink in a manner that may cause confusion or imply that you are affiliated with or sponsored or endorsed by Hobie.
  • Do not use a hyperlink or deeplink to defame, disparage, or harm the reputation of Hobie, its employees, partners, vendors, or other related companies.

2. Framing

Framing is an alternative form of linking that allows an end user to view a linked webpage within a “frame” in the original website. Since framing confuses and misleads the public as to the origin of the framed content, it is the policy of Hobie to prohibit others from framing any content created by Hobie.

3. Meta-tag

A meta-tag is an HTML tag that provides information about the webpage and allows search engines to index content more effectively. It is the policy of Hobie to prohibit others from using Hobie or its trademarks in the meta-tags for their websites.

4. Domain Name

Do not use the Hobie Cat Company or Hobie Brands International, L.C. company name or any Hobie trademarks as all or part of a domain name since this is likely to cause confusion or imply that the website is affiliated with or sponsored by Hobie. A complete list of all of Hobie's trademarks is available at

5. Copyrights; Derivative Works

Do not repost or create new content based on any Hobie copyrighted content. For example, do not create any new works based on the modification or adaptation of content on a Hobie webpage, photographs, graphical design, illustration, color scheme, visual appearance, or any other original work created or owned by Hobie. In addition, it is an improper reproduction of Hobie’s copyrighted content to re-host any of Hobie’s webpages, applications, photographs, or content without written permission from Hobie. Re-hosting is presenting a copy of the Hobie’s webpages and having that copy reside on your server.

6. Trademarks

Do not use any Hobie trademarks or logos on your website without the express written permission of Hobie. If permission is granted, Hobie trademarks should not be displayed prominently nor should they be the visual focal point of your web materials. Your website should also display a legal notice (a link is okay) that contains the following legend: “[description of Hobie trademarks] is a trademark or registered trademark of Hobie Brands International, L.C. in the United States and other countries. [Website owner name] is independent of Hobie Brands International, L.C.” For further information, see the Hobie Brands International, L.C. Trademark Policy available at

7. Disclaimer

This policy document is not intended to serve as legal advice. Should you have questions regarding your legal rights or duties, please consult your own attorney.