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Powerpole Micro

Power-Pole Micro

With the simple push of a button the efficient, all-electric Power-Pole Micro quickly and quietly anchors your Hobie Pro Angler.

The Power-Pole Micro is compatible with the Pro Angler Series. Power-Pole Micro is shown on the Mirage Pro Angler 14 with optional Power-Pole Mount Kit.

Ease of Use

The included wireless remote control and advanced wireless dash switch provide convenient anchor deployment with the push of a button.

Power "Stealth" 60 Watt low RPM high torque electric motor
Deployment speed 1.2 ft. per second
Anchor depth Aproximately 7 feet with optional 8.5 foot Micro Spike (varies based on spike length)
Power-Pole Dash Switch

Additional Standard Features

Wireless Remote Control & Dash Switch

Mounting Hardware *, Fully-adjustable Mounting Bracket, & Quick-release Cord

Electrical Cord/Plug/Battery Terminals & USB Connector

Free App (Android), USB Connector, & Bluetooth

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