Published maximum weight capacities assume an equally distributed load. If there is a significant weight discrepancy between the two occupants, the maximum capacity is decreased because the center of gravity and center of buoyancy are no longer in the same position. This will cause submersion of the stern. For example: with two occupants, the maximum weight of the rear occupant is 300 pounds for the Outfitter and 350 for the Oasis, regardless of the weight of the front occupant, as long as the total weight is less than the maximum capacity.

With one occupant in the kayak, the maximum capacity is further decreased, since the weight of the front occupant is zero. For single occupancy, maximum capacity for the Outfitter and the Oasis are 200 and 220 pounds respectively. When either boat is pedaled with a single occupant, the rear of the kayak will have a tendency to sit lower in the water, increasing the chance of submerging the stern and rudder cables. With this dynamic, it is important to load all gear as far forward as possible to balance the weight in the boat.