There’s only two days left of the competition and anticipation is high to see who is going to be crowned the 2013 Hobie Fishing World Champion. The anglers were on site early this morning, getting ready for what looks set to be a great day out on the water.

Dennis Skou
Dennis Skou at the Third Annual Hobie Fishing World Championships

Day two commenced with all anglers standing for the playing of the national anthem followed by the obligatory chant from the Australian competitors which could be heard all the way to town. “Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi Oi”

At starting time, the anglers raced from the Power Pole Starting line, all heading for their spots picked out from yesterdays Lowrance, navigation session.

With Team USA’s Justin Carters day one haul of 3.03kgs the weight to beat, we’re looking forward to seeing some heavy bags in the 4kg region delivered this afternoon with Marlo sure to deliver some quality fish. And after all, that’s why we’re here. To Fish!

The staggered finish reported yesterday has been revised back to a single finish time of 2:00pm due to a strong wind warnings for Sunday. The single finish time will ensure all competitors get a fair result if competition needs to finish early due to the expected strong winds for 40+ Kilometres an hour.