Open Ocean Fishfinder Settings

If you remember nothing else, remember 83kHz. #HobieFishing's Morgan Promnitz demonstrates how he sets up his sonar for the open ocean.

Posted by Hobie Fishing on Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Hobie Fishing Product Manager Morgan Promnitz explains the fishfinder settings he uses for deep water:

Hey guys I just got back in from fishing out on the water today and I wanted to show you the basic functions of a fishfinder and the way I like to set it up that’s going to work for you 95 percent of the time no matter what body of water you’re on.

I like to run my GPS on this side and my fishfinder on this side. My sonar or fishfinder is running at 83 kHz, that’s a pretty standard setting. If I hit menu, you can see right here as I scroll down my frequency is at 83. On this particular model I have some other options: 200 kHz and different CHIRP settings.

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If I’m fishing freshwater I might run 200 but for most of the time 83 kHz will get you going. I like my ping speed set at fastest. I like my range which means how deep you are set to auto, so it automatically adjusts for how deep you are.
If you go to sonar options, this is where it can get a little more complicated for some users. There’s noise rejection and surface clarity. I like to set them both to low. And then the last thing is your color. I like to choose a white with bottom track.

If you follow those and set your fishfinder or sonar to those settings, you’re going to see fish on there and you’re going to have a good time on the water. Your GPS is pretty much straightforward, and it’s going to show you where you are.