Article image - Hobie Memorial
The model of Lance Jost's memorial depicts Hobie Alter sailing his original cat, the 14. Photo courtesy Hobie Memorial Foundation.

The Hobie Memorial Foundation is raising funds to construct a memorial honoring Hobie Alter’s life and his many contributions to the surfing, boating, and skateboarding industries.

Recently, the Foundation’s plans took a leap forward when the city of Dana Point initiated preliminary work at the planning department in preparation for presenting the memorial design to the city council.

Artist Lance Jost has crafted an iconic remembrance to celebrate Hobie where his Hobie Cat 14 first took flight.

“Over the years that I’ve spent off the shores of Dana Point, I’ve acquired a logical respect for Hobie Alter. So when I heard that he had passed, it was obvious to me that he needed to be memorialized in a public and respectful fashion,” he says. “Creating his memorial is how we mark history.”