Dear Hobie sailors, 

The IHCA Rules Committee has been busy. The new updated IHCA Class Rules is available for download. Some wording had to be changed for all the classes to conform to ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing 86.1.
The IHCA Rules Committee has proposals for the Hobie Cat Dragoon, 16 and 18 the wording has been approved by ISAF As always, before the rules can be confirmed we need the sailors to comment and approve.
The recent Australian Championships had many great stories. One that people may not know is that former Hobie 16 World Champion Mick Butler had been trying to win the Australian Hobie 16 Championships for 20 years. As had his crew “worst News”. Both had won many sailing titles and many overseas titles but never a home National Championships. It was pleasing to see these championships finally win their home national titles. Though as always there are some many stories it is always hard to know how to convey the stories across to everyone.
The Europeans have released some more information regarding their European Championships here
There have been some more videos added to the IHCA You Tube web site.
The IHCA web site has all the latest Hobie news around the world.