Day one of the 3rd Hobie Fishing World Championships Presented by Daiwa got off to a sensational start with 34 of the 46 competitors picking up fish and Justin Carter of Team USA taking out first place for the day with a healthy 3.03kg bag, followed closely by Richard Somerton (AUS) with 2.98kg and Jason Meech (AUS) with 2.86kg.

Third Annual Hobie Fishing World Championships Day One
Hobie Fishing World Championships – Day One

The day kicked off with heavy cloud cover and a light breeze picking up to a 20kt wind adding to the difficulty for anglers unfamiliar with the arena, generating some pretty choppy conditions and making it tough to feel the fish on light lines and lures.

Justin headed for the cover of fallen trees to get a better feel for the bites and started by pitching like he would for Bass and said the Bream seemed to like it. He went on to pick up three solid 1kg Bream to take out the first day.

The Australians, Richard Somerton and Jason Meech took a different approach with Richard heading to the entrance for the run-in tide chasing yellow fin bream, picking up his bag by 8:30 with a couple of upgrades later in the day putting him safely in second place. When asked, Richard said he was relieved as he picked up a cracker in the Pre-fish which is never a good sign.

Jason on the other hand, headed for the choppiest conditions he could find and just kept plugging away at it banking on crank baits, the oxygenated water and food supply to deliver his bag by 8:30. He switched it up to plastics in the afternoon and secured a couple of upgrades placing him 3rd for the day and ready to Rock n’ Roll on Saturday.

The competition looks set to pick up on Saturday with very different conditions in Marlo to those of Bemm River. There will likely be a much stronger tide making pedalling tough on the anglers. The weather for Marlo is looking good for Saturday but is expected to turn for the last day of competition on Sunday keeping things interesting for all involved.

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