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The numbers are staggering. 163 days and nearly 4,000 miles. Fourteen states, sixteen dams, and more than 1,200 miles traversing reservoirs. One source to sea trip along the Jefferson-Missouri-Mississippi River System. Two Hobie Mirage Revolutions piloted by Joe Zimmermann and adventure filmmaker Nick Caiazza.

Nick and Joe made their epic journey spanning five months in the summer and fall of 2014. We caught up with Nick as he prepared for the release of his film documenting the voyage. In this first story in the Blackwater Drifters series, Nick talks about the Revolution.

How did the boats hold up?

The boats held up really well. I still have mine; it’s awesome. The MirageDrive pedal drive made it easier on our arms. Pedaling into the wind and waves, we covered more miles than we could have using traditional paddles.

Did you make any modifications to enhance comfort?

Not really. The boats are pretty comfortable. I know the seat has been upgraded since then. Even the older model handled well.

How about packing and camping tricks?

Packing light was the number one priority. We made sure our food was easy to get to. I had all my camera gear strapped into the back just behind me. We were stacked. We used every inch of that boat. The storage on the Revolution 16 is incredible. It is amazing what we able to fit in. I probably had 150 pounds of gear each. I had five cameras with me and a good size tripod, plus hard drives, a laptop, and solar power stuff.

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