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The Super Sail Tour stopped this last weekend in Kellenhusen. The sailing club of Kellenhusen, the faster sailing club in the world and has in its membership the most famous regatta sailors from Germany, can be proud of its 43 competitors (!) who entered the regatta. However the wind conditions were not announced as favourable according to Bodo von Schrader, who already at the skipper meeting suggested that things would be all but easy. „The whole week long, we had perfect sailing conditions, but today conditions are very unfavourable with North- North-West wind previsions,“ announced the Racing Committee Director.

Whilst that, all Hobie classes : Hobie 16, Hobie 14 and Hobie TIWI showed up in a timely manner on the starting line. But, everything took place as announced, big gusts of wind made difficult the choice of a fair route for the sailors. Then, finally the sailors headed to an Up-and-Down course, where the point was to react as fast as possible to the gusts of wind. And it happened that the colourful catamarans finally found their real challenge. Winds nearing 10 knots, sometime from left, sometimes from right, sometime no wind at all and moreover without any logic.

At the end of the first racing day, the winner of Grömitz and Kieler Woche Lauritz Bockelmann/Kim Liedtke took the first place 3 points ahead of the world champions Daniel Björnholt/Thomas Faurbyw. This was a sad day for Detlef Mohr and his crew Karen Wichardt, who, after two early starts in the two first legs, were obliged to get back to the beach. At the end of the day, there were very few satisfied faces among other competitors, most of them being more affected mentally than physically.

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In Hobie 14 Friedhelm Weller took the first place 6 points ahead of Tanja Rindt arriving 2nd also 6 points ahead of Klaus Zuchel third place. In the Tiwi Class Fritz-Rüdiger Klocke / Joris Lassen won the spot.

On Sunday, same conditions, same story, same challenge. Except that as soon as during the first race, after a big gust of wind, the wind felt, and brought everybody to the knees by transforming the Saturday provisional results into definitive overall ranking on Sunday. On the youth side, Lasse Abratis and his sister Stine won the title with a fantastic 8th place at the overall ranking.

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