I am old-fashioned. I humor myself sometimes about having a flip-phone (again), and riding a horse and buggy on dirt roads! There is something about the simplicity of models from earlier years that really catch the eye. The discernible characteristics, ease, color, and efficiency.

Our good friend here in Arizona, Joe Rallo, is an avid stand up paddler who decided years back in 2007 he would be standup paddling a long, long time. Spending vacations in Southern California, and first seeing SUP in 2006 at La Jolla Shores, Rallo got creative and decided to refurbish some Hobie race boards he found and purchased in recent years, and brought them back to enjoy in the Arizona desert.

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With a Hobie Cat sailing background, Rallo has been exposed to Hobie products for quite some time. He happily made some earlier race boards shimmer like trophies! Rallo says the main reason he enjoys SUP is his love for large bodies of water. “It is great to do solo and with good friends. SUP is a versatile sport you can use as a good work out, or just chill and relax.”

Joe is someone who can fix, restyle, cement, and reshape, just about anything. He spent a lot of time making his purchases look pristine. Earlier models of any boat, car, plane, in this case SUP, have a lot of beautiful features and Rallo knew just how to bring that out in the boards that he chose – And… to balance out his Hobie quiver, he bought a new ATR2, so his sweet, four-legged companion, Charlie, would have more room to roam while SUPn.