When I started kayak fishing years ago, it was all about fly fishing, the solitude and extending my range. I enjoyed how purely simple fishing can be. I loved the peace and quiet I found when gliding across the water, the act of making a long cast followed by a strip, strip, pause… Sometimes there were fish to be caught, and other times it didn’t matter. Spending quality time on the water was the best reward.

Over the years, some things have changed, but much remains the same. I still love finding a flat with no other person around and taking my time searching for that one special fish. I enjoy launching into the Gulf with just a friend or two and hearing my drag sing that familiar song. As a kayak angler, these are the moments I live for.

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Sharing my passion for kayak fishing has become a way of life. I thrive on helping others to experience the water from a Hobie® kayak, catching new species, and learning new techniques. Every time I shove off from the beach, a new adventure begins.

Some days I have the pleasure of taking people out on the Gulf for their first time ever in a kayak. These trips have been some of the most memorable. I fish with anglers of all skill sets, and often times our goal is catching a personal best king mackerel or new species like a sailfish or Warsaw grouper. Before we head out, we start by discussing our goal for the day. We go over the tackle and techniques we will be using and build a game plan. When the fish cooperate and the plan is executed, the reward comes in the form of big fish and a smile.

Article image - Taking people fishing

Fishing from a MirageDrive® kayak has enabled me to further extend my range and help others catch the fish of their dreams. It often comes with an enthusiastic “This has been the best day ever!” There’s nothing like that feeling.

My Hobie way of life is all about getting out on the water, having a great time and creating memories that last. The next time you shove off from the beach, I encourage you to take a friend or someone new to the sport. Share that passion, push the boundaries, step outside of your comfort zone and go catch that fish of a lifetime.

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Article image - Taking people fishing