Hobie kayaks are durable; there isn’t much that can go wrong. A quick check after a long winter off will make sure your kayak is ready for its seasons of adventure.

If you have one, check your MirageDrive. A MirageDrive should function smoothly. Examine it, looking for any excessive corrosion. Consider lubricating the chains, idler pulley bearing surfaces, and other lubrication points with Hobie Multi-Lube, an environmentally friendly anti-corrosive coating. Check the chain tension. There should be some play, about one-eighth an inch. If it seems excessive or too tight, visit your Hobie dealer for a MirageDrive tune-up, or consult the MirageDrive section of the Care and Maintenance page of your product. You can find it on the Product Support area of the Hobie website.

Next, if you have one, check your rudder. Look for wear on the rudder lines. It’s unusual – those Spectra lines are strong. If there’s fraying, take it to your local Hobie dealer to run new lines. If the Twist N Stow function displays excessive resistance, you can adjust it by gently rotating the bolt on the rudder drum. Now’s a good time to make sure you have a spare rudder pin. There should be one stashed on inside of the rear Twist N Seal hatch cover. Rudder pins are available from your local Hobie dealer. For rudder issues, consult the Twist N Stow Repair Manual available in the Product Support section of the Hobie website.

Examine your hatches. Although rare, depending on how the kayak is stowed they can sometimes warp, causing them to fail to seal correctly. Next, look at the hatch gaskets. They shouldn’t be crimped or otherwise damaged or they may leak. You can use a silicone lubricant on the O-rings to make them work smoothly, but avoid petroleum-based products.

Do you own an iSeries inflatable kayak? Checks for pin-holes or tears. Damage can be fixed with a i-Hull Repair Kit, part number 79052009.

Check the seat function. Look for any excessive wear. If you have Paddle Series seat or an older model Mirage Series seat, consider hitting the clips with some Hobie Multi-Lube.

Does your Hobie have mesh stowage pockets? Eyeball them for rips or tears. They are simplicity itself to replace.

How are your Bungee® shock cords? Are they sun-bleached or getting stretched-out? If they are loose, it’s time for a replacement. It’s an easy job for do-it-yourselfers, or take it to your Hobie dealer.

Out of sight often means out of mind. Flip the kayak over and peek at the Lowrance Ready plate. Make sure there’s nothing that doesn’t belong – pebbles, sticks or other debris.

With these simple and quick checks, your Hobie kayak will kick off the spring with a fresh start.