By now you’re surely heard of the solar eclipse that will streak across North America on Monday, August 21. For some of us, it’ll be the first total solar eclipse we’ve experienced in 38 years. The path of totality (the area the moon will completely cover the sun) will travel from Lincoln Beach, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina. The rest of us in North America including Hobie headquarters in Oceanside, California will see a partial solar eclipse. Everybody can play along. Pretty cool.

For all things eclipse, we recommend NASA’s Eclipse 2017 website, particularly the Eclipse 101 Who, What, Where, When and How page.

How will you greet this celestial phenomenon? We recommend these sublime experiences:

Surf an Evening Session and Dawn Patrol in Minutes
If you’re in the aforementioned Lincoln Beach, Oregon or Charleston, South Carolina, grab your classic Hobie surfboard and catch some waves in a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Kayak, Sail or SUP Away from the Crowds
Eclipse mania will stop traffic and crowd sidewalks. Head to your local lake or river and hit the water on your Hobie kayak, Cat or SUP. We’re pretty sure you’ll have it almost to yourselves.

Fish Up a Mid-Day Night Bite
Eclipses purportedly alter animal behavior, confusing critters with the early and temporary onset of twilight. Here’s your chance to cash in on a unique catch from your Hobie fishing kayak.

Our Favorite
This one is a no-brainer. Combine a world’s first watercraft with a heavenly occurrence. In our minds, the best way to see the solar eclipse is on a Mirage Eclipse.