THIS is the one. The most durable SUP I have ever come across, the Hobie Dura Glide.

A great board for leisure paddles, surfing, fitness, and especially demos and rental fleets. They come in sizes 9’6, 30 inches wide with a volume of 162 L, and 10’ 10, 33 inches wide with a volume of 227.1 L. One reason they are such solid SUPs is the integrated rubber rail reinforcement belt, so you have massive protection. I do not even think you can ding this board. In the rocky and adventurous environment we live in, having sturdy construction helps.

The other major feature that makes this board so appealing is the full length traction pad. I love walking all over my board doing exercises, kneeling or just relaxing. There are no slippery surfaces to be found. A great board for your dog, whose nails won’t scratch up any fiberglass finish.

The other feature we love are the perfectly placed tiedown points. Nate and I always appreciate that because we wind up frequently bringing a host of things with us.

The colors of the Dura Glide are another appealing point. My two favorite colors, for certain! That beautiful brilliant blue and a pleasing red and orange combination.