Photos by Liz Merritt,

When you are performing any type of exercise, changing up the movement patterns, angles, resistance, and stimulus, will enhance your overall development and strength, as time progresses.

Here are two more great exercises to try on your standup paddleboard. For most SUP exercises, be aware of staying in the center of your board, to maintain the best balance. And always know your own level of fitness and health limitations.

*Bonus: For advanced and confident individuals, try all of my exercises with your eyes closed for better body awareness.

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Squat(duck/plie’) or traditional Squat:
Facing the nose, widen your stance and place your feet at the edges of the board with toes turned out. For a more advanced position, try turning to either the left or right rail and place your feet down the centerline for an even wider stance. If you like, grab some rock(s), if close by, and use them as resistance. Squat to a comfortable range, perform slow, controlled movements, and try 4 sets of 12 repetitions.

Push-Up Excursions:
Place both hands in a push-up position, either on your knees or toes. If applicable, position your hands around the rails. The wider your hands, the more this exercise can be done properly. This also may not work for thicker boards, but give it a try. Start by trying to make ‘waves’ by pushing the board side to side with your upper body, perform 2 sets of 30 repetitions.