Hobie® Fishing Top Gun Kevin Workman experienced the topwater frog bite of a lifetime earlier this spring. He caught the action on his GoPro, resulting in this mesmerizing video. Here at Hobie HQ, we can’t stop watching it. Kevin shared this bit of background:

It had been awhile since I was on the water. I was pleased to see the shad spawning in the lake. They were getting hot in the flooded willows and the big bass were on the prowl.

I started throwing the hollow body frog and the fish unleashed some fury on it. The water clarity was incredible even with a stiff south wind blowing into the bank. I was watching 5, 6 and 7 pound bass chase down the frog.

I finally switched the cameras on and caught some of the action. I angled the cameras at the bank by pedaling my Mirage® Pro Angler a certain speed and steering a bit during the retrieve. I had one camera on the H-Rail to capture following fish.

I eventually had a cast to catch sequence on a 6 1/2 pound bass crushing the frog. I’m not sure I’ve ever had such an aggressive frog bite before… And that’s saying something. I went back a week later and the fish had disappeared along with their prey.