The IFA Kayak Championship tournament was in Houma, LA this year, and we had a great opportunity to capitalize on some of the great fishing these bull reds would offer. Finding them the week before the tournament proved a little bit of a challenge and for a while we seemed to only catch jack crevalles. In the end a few of us found just enough to get a stable enough pattern to help us lead in the event. I was able to catch a 44” fish on day one that really gave me a great start for this two day event.
In the end, day two’s weather proved too tough for me to fish the area I wanted to, but a trusty fall back spot gave me the speckled trout and redfish combo that would be enough to earn me 2nd and get me the 3rd straight top three finish at Championship. With 2nd Place, I also won the Overall Angler of the Year for the Tour, a tournament accomplishment that really embodies my main goal each year of just staying consistent. You can’t win them all, but giving it your best and consistently participating in the IFA Tournaments add up in the end.

2013 IFA Bayard Wins Angler of the Year
Steve Lessard and Brendan Bayard looking like winners.

I feel very blessed to be in the company of the great anglers who have won this award before me: Guys like Liam Callaghan, Justin Carter and Fil Spencer. Also to be able to share in the celebration with a few good friends and teammate was really cool. My good friend and teammate Steve Lessard was able to get the win at championship, and my long time fishing buddy, Benton Parrot who won the event last year was able to take 5th and get that Big Trout award that he has been working towards; I am really happy for those guys. I have really met a lot of great friends fishing the IFA Tour over the years and the wonderful fishing we got to experience at this event capped off another fun year doing what we love. With the added bonus of the winnings from the tour, I am taking my very supportive wife, and my 7 and 5 year old to Disney World. Just booked the trip yesterday!