A New Film by Director, Justin Krumb

The TransparentSea Voyage highlights the efforts of a group of athletes, musicians, celebrities and artists on a campaign aimed at focusing attention on coastal environmental issues. Experience the voyage from start to finish as the crew traces the southern migration of the California Grey and Blue Whales from Santa Barbara to the US Border in six Hobie Mirage Tandem Islands. It all started with a goal of engaging key coastal communities and ended with a big helping of self-discovery for everyone involved.

Witness this trip as it unfolds through the creation of song as this “behind the music” look at focused activism reveals how our connection to the planet changed, while educating the participants involved as well as those that followed the journey from around the world.

Justin Krumb, director of this new film, states, “like the marine mammals that swim in the sea and communicate through sound and song, this documentary takes the viewer on a sensory journey of the making of 23 story-telling songs in 23 days all while exploring by sea and land, one of the most populated coastlines in the world, Southern California.”

TransparentSea Band of Frequencies
The TransparentSea Voyage musicians, Band of Frequencies

“Aided by the support of Hobie and their Tandem Island Kayaks we were able to touch people on this coastline in such a unique way. In a place like California where lives are busy, giving people a way to connect with the cause is so important, and we feel the TransparentSea Voyage has done that very well,” stated Krumb.

The film, The TransparentSea Voyage captures the Hobie Islands in their best light, out on the deep blue ocean along our wildlife-abundant California coast. Hobie has been honored and delighted to be part of this journey. Hobie staff and local Hobie Dealers, who also participated, were thrilled and humbled at the opportunity. Hobie would like to thank everyone who came out to be a part of this expedition of awareness. We at Hobie couldn’t be more excited to see this voyage come to life.


The TransparentSea Voyage will be released in 2014.