Here’s some hot pike fishing video to warm you up. Back in mid-July, Hobie Fishing Top Gun Kevin Workman and his brother Caleb of Corn Coast Anglers ventured to a local lake. The water temperature was in the mid-80s.

“We figured the fish would be stacked along a deep creek with cool water in-flows. We were right,” recalls Kevin. The pair tossed swimbaits on bladed jigs, as well as jerkbaits and buzzbaits.

If you haven’t already, click the video to see what happened!

The pair landed around 35 pike with five between 37” and 40”. Two of those were right at 40” and just big, girthy beast pike.

“The bite was ferocious with several fish attacking our baits right next to the kayak. For midwest pike fishing, this is about as good as it gets,” Kevin says.

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