Hobie Pacific flying Vassiliki cross shore

For the last 31 years Hobie Cats have been an integral part of the Wildwind fleet in Vassiliki. Since the very first time back in 1986 when Simon towed his Hobie 16 to Vassiliki and sailed it in the legendary Wildwind cross-shore he knew he had hit on a winning formula. Hobie Cats + Vassiliki = lots of fun.

To show his support for the sport that he loves, Simon Morgan from Wildwind Holidays is once again sponsoring the 2018 Hobie Europeans in Denmark, with 4 lucky competitors getting the chance to win either a holiday to Wildwind in Greece or Mauritius.

Joe Bennet & Marko Reynolds

Wildwind Holidays offer the widest range of sailing dinghies and catamarans of any beach-based sailing holiday in Europe. Clients come from all over Europe to enjoy the chance to sail their favourite boats and try something new in the fantastic sailing location of Vassiliki Bay. Though all levels of sailing are taught, racing is in the blood of most of the Wildwind Team and their holidays are popular with those who wish to hone their racing skills under the expert tutelage of the experienced instructional team. More than 65% of Wildwind clients are repeat bookings, and very often they are active members of sailing clubs.

Hobie 16s racing in Vassiliki

Wildwind have been keen sponsors of a variety of clubs and class Associations over the years. In addition to their programme of sponsorship, they were actively involved in hosting the Hobie Europeans back in 2001. The event saw 116 Hobie 16s competing in Vassiliki Bay. The regatta was broadcast on Sky TV and reached an audience of over 10 million people from around the world – fantastic exposure for the sport of catamaran racing.

The Hobie 16 which still holds its title as the most popular double-handed catamaran in the world continues to be an integral part of the Wildwind fleet. The Hobie 16 is delightfully overpowered for its size, with a mainsail so large that it hangs off the back of the boat. Plenty of power is also delivered by the fully battened jib. The twin-trapeze and hull, shaped with plenty of ‘rocker,’ mean that the Hobie 16 is simply the best cat to sail in any kind of waves.

It is extraordinary to think that the Hobie 16 was designed by Hobie Alter back in 1971, Hobie a keen surfer and board designer combined his love of sailing and surfing and created a cat to enjoy with his buddies in California. The design of the Hobie 16 stands the test of time rather like a classic sports car.
Racing on a Hobie 16 takes strength and courage and with this strict one design class still attracting some of the best catamaran racers around, the beauty of racing on a Hobie 16 is that the class has already found its way into almost every corner of the globe and its simplicity means that winners are not the richest but instead the most skilled racers.

Twin trapezing on a Hobie 16

Hobie 16 racing in the UK is currently enjoying a resurgence, with clubs like Poole Yacht Club welcoming a fleet of Hobie 16s of every vintage and their enthusiastic owners. The sight of the catamarans whizzing about twin trapeze in the strong wind has created a buzz amongst the youth sailors that most sailing clubs are keen to attract and retain.

Kids on Hobie 15 with instructor

Over the years, Hobie Cat have continued to develop their range of catamarans to include lightweight racing cats with dagger-boards and spinnakers like the Hobie FX1 and the Hobie Tiger. Wildwind were quick to embrace these models and incorporate them into the fleet. Instructors like Joe, the centre manager of over 20 years, have become experts in racing on the Hobie Tiger and the Wildcat, with Joe placing 4th at the Tiger World Championships in 2016.

Hobie always organise amazing events and this year’s European Championships in Denmark will be no exception. This year’s multi-model event will take place from the 20th-28th July in Hornbæk, Denmark. Hornbæk is a seaside resort town 50km to the north of Copenhagen on the north coast of the Danish island of Sjælland, facing the Øresund which separates Denmark from Sweden.