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Duvoisin Nautique & Sports

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Product Lines

  • Mirage Eclipse
  • All Kayaks
  • Pro Angler Series
  • Island Series
  • Rotomolded Sailboats
  • Fiberglass Sailboats

Demo Program

To make sure your local Hobie dealer has the Hobie kayak available that you want to demo, please be sure to speak with a dealer before you go in to the store.

Duvoisin Nautique propose des essais
Prendre rendez-vous par téléphone +41 328 411 066
Eclipse Dura 10.6 et 12 + ACX 12
Kayak : Tandem Island, Pro angler 12, Sport, Revolution 13, Outback, Compass, Oasis, Outfitter, I9s, i11s, i14s

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