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KayakshopBG Island Club goes to Vourvourov, Greece

Haus Platanos , Chalkidiki , Greece
May 1

FROM MAY 1ST TO MAY 6TH come join Bulgaria’s KayakshopBG Island Club as they plan their annual trip down to Haus Platanos in Chalkidiki Greece to sail their Hobie Islands and enjoy Great Bay which is protected by offshore islands.

This is Greek region of Vourvourov, Greece. This resort spreads out across a lovely white sand beach with all the amenities for your needs. Here is a description of the resort – The rooms have a fully equipped kitchen, refrigerator, bath, air conditioning (A/C), television (TV) and verandahs with sea views, and each room can accommodate up to 3 people each (An extra bed can be added upon request). If you would like more details please contact Velin at velin.kerimov@gmail.com or call + 359 886 333322 Here is his shop information- Kayak House Pomorie 8200 Street “Neo Anchialo” 8-9 Tel: +359 899 160046 contact@kayakshop.bg