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Alamitos Bay Hobie Island Invasion!

Long Beach, CA
May 17

Come join this inaugural Island Event for the Long Beach-Los Angeles area. We Look Forward to You Joining Us!

Date: Saturday, May 17th 10:00am – Arrive and Set-Up your boat 11:00am – Clinic by Hobie Dealer Jeff, from Long Beach Windsurf Center followed by Captains Meeting with Rodger S. and Jeff V. POTLUCK LUNCH – Please Bring some Food to Share. Launch after Lunch! GEAR- Please bring all sailing and safety gear, prepare for windy and cool conditions as well as hot and sunny weather. Note: Bring a snack and have water with you while sailing. If you need more information please don’t hesitate to email – Rodger at rodgersayles@gmail.com LOCATION AND LAUNCH INSTRUCTIONS; Launch is to the right of the Gondola Getaway. Use launch then pedal or push boat down beach for actual set up. Cannot back vehicle into the water. Keep Boat ramp clear for other boats to use. Thank you. 2nd Street is quite festive for food and refreshments if anyone wants to walk down there together after sailing!

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