Sail Around Fehmarn Island with the German Hobie Island Friends

Fehmarn Island, Germany
July 27 - 28

The German Hobie Island Friends (G.H.I.F.), will be meeting for a 2-day trip sailing around Fehmarn Island. Fehmarn is an island in the Baltic Sea, off the eastern coast of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. The area is 185 km². The coastline is 42 nautical miles .We will do this trip in 2 days and stay the night in our own tents at one of the camping places around Fehmarn Island near to the beach.This is a private activity, there are no fees. Bring your own gear, foods, tents, etc. If you would like more information (starting point etc) contact and follow the details on this Island Clubs website WWW.GHIF.DE (German Hobie Island Friends).