Item# 72020077
Keep live bait healthy longer.
For long days offshore targeting bucket list fish, a bait tank that can keep up and keep your bait full of vigor. Big fish love to eat happy and healthy bait, so a quality livewell is a must. Designed with 3 integrated rod holders with rod leash clip points for secure vertical rod storage. The Hobie Livewell V2 is plug-and-play with cargo deck scuppers on rigid Hobie kayaks and is not compatible with inflatable kayaks. Hobie Mirage Adventure and Tandem Islands require a livewell adapter kit. Product Dimensions : 14 x 12 x 21 inches; 9 Pounds


• 6V SLA battery w/ battery charger for powering the high-flow pump

• Nylon reinforced pickup tube draws water into the tank and resists kinking

• Adjustable drain for filling the tank half way when desired

• Threaded drain plug for emptying water

• 8” Twist and Seal hatch lid for access and bait concealment
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Holds 8 gallons of water

A high quality, sealed marine switch for ON/OFF control

Adjustable downspout for easy water level control

Removable tank partitions for keeping live bait healthy and out of hard to reach places

Includes a 6V sealed gel cell battery + charger for powering the pump

3 integrated rod holders

A threaded drain plug

Product Dimensions : 14 x 12 x 21 inches; 9 Pounds