Hobie Classic

This Model is designed for the surfer that is looking to sit back and enjoy the glide. A classic shape w/ 50/50 rails, rolled vee bottom and a smooth rocker flow will give you a taste of that smooth classic 60's board.

Length:9' to 10"
Width:23 3/8"
Thickness:3 3/16"
Stringers:5 stringers w/ 2" Balsa/Redwood T-band &1/4" Redwood offsets
Glass:6oz. Regular or 8oz. Volan
Fins:Hobie removable fin or glass on (wood or fiberglass)
Color:Clear or resin tint
Surfing Type:Classic Surfing
Best Wave Height:Waist to Shoulder
Wave Type:Point Break & Reef

Available Hobie Classics

316636 9'6--Hobie Classic Hot Coat: Red rail panels w/ blk. pins & wood tail block: shaper Gary Larson
316637 9'6--Hobie Classic Hot Coat: lt blue rail panels w/blk. pins: shaper Gary Larson
316702 9'6--Hobie Classic Hot Coat: T&B seafoam rails w/ wood tail block: shaper Sean Bailey