This is your invitation. You are an adventurer in a new world of surfing opportunity. As a veteran, you’ve seen your fair share of equipment. From the traditional log to the contemporary thruster. The Greenhorn cannot be classified or categorized. There’s more to this shape than meets the eye! In its bow, resides a subtle hint of displacement. As you pass through the hull, a single concave prevails. This yields a spritely sensation and ample lift under your feet. Lastly, towards the stern, generous edges and a spiral vee expedites your turns. The novice will feel they can weather any storm. As for the experienced, they will push the Greenhorn’s rigging to the test. Avast, the easterly winds are calling, it’s your turn to set sail!

  • Specifications (Range)
  • Length: 7'6" to 8'6"
  • Width: 20 1/2" to 21 1/2"
  • Thickness:
  • Nose: 15 1/2 to 16"
  • Tail:
  • Options
  • Stringer(s): 1/4" CD
  • Glass: 6 oz. or 4 oz. Regular
  • Fins: 2+1 or Single
  • Color: Clear or resin tint
  • Performance
  • Surfing Type: 0
  • Wave Height:
  • Wave Type: Beach, Point, or Reef Break

Available Greenhorn Boards

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