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Phil Edwards Model

One of the most iconic boards in history of surfing the Hobie Phil Edwards Model is back. We are re-creating this classic model too the tee with the direction of and discerning eyes of Phil Edwards himself. The model has been absent from the Hobie line up for 17 years we are proud to bring it back. This classic is one of the smoothest rides around great in small to overhead surf. Perfect foil and beautiful outline make this board one of the all time great boards. The bottom starts out in the nose with nice curve from rail to rail then flows into a slightly rolled bottom with 60/40 rail th

Phil Edwards Model
  • Specifications (Range)
  • Length: 9' - 10'
  • Width: 23"-24”
  • Thickness: 2 7/8" - 3 1/4"
  • Nose: 16" - 17 1/2"
  • Tail: 14" - 15 1/2”

  • Options
  • Stringer(s): Triple Redwood stringers wood tail block
  • Glass: 6oz. Regular or 8oz. Volan
  • Fins: Hobie Phil Edwards removable fin or glass on (wood or fiberglass)
  • Color: Clear or Resin Tint

  • Performance
  • Surfing Type: 0
  • Wave Height: Knee high to overhead
  • Wave Type: Point Break & Reef

Available Phil Edwards Model Boards

  Serial # Description  
317140 Triple red wood stringer full volan w/ volan deck/tail patches resin loop wood tail block glass on wood fin View Board »