Uncle Buck II

Proper logging is defined and judged by the performance of the surfer, and his or her ability to walk the board, nose to tail -- and back again -- and to perch successfully on the nose with at least five, if not ten little piggies hanging over the edge. A brilliant feat once characterized by the legendary filmmaker Bruce Brown as, “noserides so long… you could eat a ham sandwich.” The Uncle Buck II takes elements gleaned from the original Uncle Buck, and turns them on their ear. It still features the low nose entry, but the tail has been radically altered. The tail rocker has been accentuated for greater turning ease, and the rails are turned up, allowing for longer, more sustained noserides. The deep blended concave is still there, as it, along with the aforementioned refinements create the perfect platform for lift and resistance, delivering unrestrained noserides. If your desire is greater trim time then the original Uncle Buck is your ticket. However, if its three foot and perfect Malibu-style, the UBII is your absolute walk to fame. According to Phil Edwards, “[to] noseride you need to turn a speedboat backwards.” That’s what we’ve done. The Uncle Buck II, “only a surfer knows the feeling.”

Uncle Buck II
  • Specifications (Range)
  • Length: 9' to 9'9"
  • Width: 23 1/2"
  • Thickness: 3"
  • Nose: 19"
  • Tail: 15 1/2"
  • Options
  • Stringer(s): Single 3/8 Redwood
  • Glass: 6oz Regular
  • Fins: Single removeable or glass on
  • Color: Clear, Resin Tint
  • Performance
  • Surfing Type: 0
  • Wave Height:
  • Wave Type: Point Break & Mellow Reef

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