When it comes to choosing the right ride, a Hobie loyalist will tell you there are no bad choices, only good and better ones. Whether it is spacious or compact, every MirageDrive can be operated virtually hands-free. But rest assured, there are significant differences between the pedal drive models. Every one has a particular niche.

The 9-foot long Mirage Sport is nimble and lightweight.

For example, the Mirage Sport is nimble and lightweight. The Mirage Revolution 16 is stretched-out and quick. The Mirage Pro Anglers prioritize comfort and utility. The Mirage Outback is an all-around performer, a middle ground between performance and carrying capacity.

To help you narrow down which kayak is right for you, here’s a list of questions to ask yourself. These are not hard and fast rules. Every kayak is a balanced set of compromises:

Where do I want to use my kayak? Smaller kayaks such as the Sport are ideal for pocket water – small lakes and ponds. If big water with wind and waves is in your future, you’ll likely be more comfortable on a larger MirageDrive kayak.

The stretched-out, 16-foot long Mirage Revolution 16 is Hobie's fastest MirageDrive kayak.

How do I want to use my kayak? Are you going the distance or are you out for a relaxing backyard jaunt? Longer kayaks such as the Mirage Revolution 13 travel greater distances more efficiently than shorter ones such as the Revolution 11.

The Mirage Revolution 13 is the 'tweener of the Revolution family, not too long, not too short, a balanced compromise between speed and stability.

What’s my performance priority? Wider kayaks such as the Pro Angler are more spacious, have greater carrying capacities and feel more stable. They also take more energy to operate (although not as much as you might think due to the magic of the leg-powered MirageDrive). Narrower performance-oriented kayaks such as the Revolution family are quicker and coast better (a term also known as glide) but come with lower carrying capacities.

The Mirage Pro Angler 14 is Hobie's largest and most feature rich fishing tour de force.

How much gear do I plan to take? If you are a kayak camper or an avid angler, you might be happier with a kayak with more storage options or fishing features. A minimalist might not need as much kayak.

What kind of kayaker am I? Larger kayakers naturally fit better in larger kayaks. A small kayaker such as a child will find a smaller kayak easier to operate.

The Mirage Outback is a fine balance of performance, stability and utility.

How will I store and transport my kayak? If you are short on space an inflatable series kayak might be the best fit. If you’ll cartop your kayak on a roof rack, consider how much boat you want to handle. A smaller kayak might be a better option. Many Pro Angler owners trailer or carry their kayaks in the back of a pick-up truck. Will you stash your kayak on a dock? Storage and transport might not be a priority.

The Mirage Revolution 11 is Hobie's lightest weight member of the Revolution family.

Should I buy a tandem or two singles? This choice plays on storage space and transport type. Do you have room for more than one kayak? Will most outings involve two kayakers or is that a sometime thing? If it is, two singles might be a better choice. Is one of the kayakers a child who needs help? A tandem might be the better option.

The Mirage Oasis is the longer and more performance oriented of two hard-shelled tandems.

Should I buy an inflatable or hard-shell kayak? This choice usually hinges on storage and transport space. Boaters and RV owners might favor an inflatable. Will you store your kayak out in the weather? A hard-shell kayak, while heavier, is the ultimate in durability.

For RV and boat owners and others short on storage and transport space, Hobie's inflatable series kayaks are a fine fit.

Do I like to sail? All MirageDrive kayaks are compatible with the accessory Mirage Kayak Sail Kit. If you plan to sail whenever the wind is up, an Adventure Island or Tandem Island is likely the better fit.

Those who love to sail will adore the Hobie Mirage Tandem Island.

Find your ideal Hobie kayak today.